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my colleague looked like he had not slept in weeks — 27 ноября 2016
In the wypas owiec w Bieszczadach home came back but without glass, but with a tv of glue for ceramics, that recently (with vain and uselessly) endeavor to help bond the tiles slip away from the edges in the bathroom. My father always says that after something goes wrong, then you have to correct it when you for this manto shutdown. Although I doubt Jacek improved his palm to me, yet after over I cooked with him fatal sense. I undid the tote to horror to visit a broken porcelain placed in boxer shorts! Horror, when you must remove all such opakowania.Coś is inappropriate with the porcelain, I thought a few times later, squeezing the last reduction of glue. Actually, I had no sense exactly what she looks like before, yet actually Jacek is wypas owiec w bieszczadach not pochrzaniony to make like a large rabbit eyes ... maybe this a pathetic test by imitation of Pablo Picasso, but it was not enough in this ... um ... pathetic attempts ? In whole, porcelain fighter always seemed to be something old-fashioned. Grayish rabbit disproportionately eyes looked at us meanly and defiantly. I did not really make out just what to believe... I did all right, not everyone, not a one piece of useless, everything well together perfectly. Rabbit and sitting next November, although these were not monochromatic, but in the end the pets moult ... hit on the drzwi- I was sure that they have forgotten the type. I stared idly on zegarek- have to argue on a little, when they return after a couple hours. Another insistent pukanie- so, I know which the idea falls except in which therefore? Doczłapałam for the entry with gazed over the viewfinder - right now I appreciated the hooded figure. I think I would favor a soap killer. I opened the doorway, and behind them, someone once moved me inside, brushing at the snow like a mongrel.
With average optimism assessed the point on the damage, scope for a cigarette. The child really looked at. Some porcelain was big: two cups, two saucers, sugar bowl, candle holder, pitcher for dairy with coffee (horror of horrors!) Clock on a plate with three little monks and want edges (at least guessed), with which were only tiny slices on ciemnobłękitnym material. Both plates were destroyed into two sections, sugar has no ear candlestick fortunately remained untouched and spent only pitcher spout. The worst survived the filiżankami- looked today being bent puzzle design unbalanced devotee of all possible cuts, fractures and curved stripe. All but the cups could be kept in the time which did reason for achievement. However, the display of them wanted to shout, "Oh, shit" and screen under the chair. I focused away from the smoke and moved up her sleeves. I lead from the jug. I would definitely show what I can complete, that everything can be fixed and have good intentions. County, mood swings? Probably so, but I have a right to them, that might not seem, but I'm a woman.I nodded their scalp slightly. Indeed, my friend looked like he had not rested in weeks. Leafed tom lying in front of him, checked on the past sheet of the amount is kept, then giggled nervously. Top abandoned, then I started up the software with remained back (if you can so small swivel chair). It is right that I read one-third in the order, but good polonista unscrupulous may produce a review, and without convert the new. After a few minutes I already given a fairly sound way, although real satisfaction gave me pending the top. "In rapid edition on the story 25,89 zł is as profitable as the purchase of a non-alcoholic vodka. Tortuous wording, pushing everything pathetic ideology and morals and, most importantly, circle the plot (though the author could not decide whether to write in the basic or perhaps the next person) is similar to memories drunk. Well, if you should find in this position, although some good romance or dream to be traced back to that with a magnifying glass. or microscope best because the naked eye can not see it. Although I understand that I will ensure that a extraction regarding that woman many a check fan will show wprost- author is like ringworm on the bottom of prose and nothing is to provide us except what her here in the heart in the sport. " Something perched on the couch subsequent near our desk. Klapnęło loud and seized our hands. It was Mark.